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Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama

The mountains of the Natural Park of the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama form a natural border between the provinces of Málaga and Granada. The mountains of Tejeda and Almijara are on the side of the province of Malaga, while the far west of the province of Granada is home to the Sierra Alhama. The mountains are part of the Cordillera Penibética, the most southern mountain range of the Baetic System.

From the peaks of these mountains towards the south we have spectacular views on the Mediterranean Sea and around us on the surrounding mountains. In clear weather we can see the Sierra Nevada with the Mulhacén. The highest peak is located in the Sierra de Tejeda, at La Maroma which lies 2,069 metres above sea level.

In the mountains a lot of marble is found, which makes that the spectacular ridges and cliffs are white-grey colored. The disintegration of the rocks forms a sandy soil on which the pine trees have adapted. Higher up the mountains and on the shady side also Pyrenean oaks and mapletrees can be found. In earlier times there were many trees with the name of tejeda to which the Sierra de Tejeda owes its name.

The mountains are the habitat of the golden eagle and hawk eagle. Another remarkable fact is that in this area lives one of the largest populations of the Iberian ibex of Spain.

Despite the proximity of the city of Málaga and the Costa del Sol, the mountains are difficult to access. There are virtually no roads in the mountains, so many hikes are long and have to be started from a relatively low level, which means that the climatic conditions in summer for hiking here can be heavy due to the high temperatures.

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