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The hike to the Beriain is a true classic among hikers in Navarre and the Basque Country. The Beriain is the highest point of the Sierra de Andía and has a great prominence, which makes it visible in the wide environment. The summit is also known as San Donato, because of the Ermita de San Donato y San Cayetano at the top. The mountain is less than 1,500 meters high but does not undergo in steepness and ruggedness for many mountains in the high mountains.

  • Walk from the church of San Pedro (1) a little back in the direction from where we have arrived by car and then turn right into the street Ondazbidea Karrika, where we see a sign with "Beriain" (2).
  • We walk out of the village and come out on a white-red marked dirt road with the Beriain clearly ahead of us.
  • After half an hour, a dirt road goes to the right (3). We walk straight ahead here, follow the bend and then go left onto a trail, which is clearly marked with milestones and also white-red marks.
  • After more than half an hour we walk out of the forest (4) and we arrive on an open stretch where we see the slope of the Beriain in front of us.
  • Now we have a tough climb of about 45 minutes ahead of us to take us up the mountain. The last kilometre (5) is considerably less steep and takes us to the Beriain (6) without any significant effort.
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Beriain

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