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During this hike we climb without too many complications to the summit of the Cerro el Calar (1,861 m.). From this peak we have a wide view over the central part of the Sierra Nevada where we can observe the high summits such as the Veleta and the Mulhacén. On the way back we walk past a couple of interesting rock formations and have a beautiful view on the Reservoir of Canales and above it the town of Güéjar-Sierra, which is the beginning and end of the route.

  • We walk into the Calle Fuente de los Dieciséis Caños past the fountain and the transformer houses (1), in the direction indicated with “Fuente de la Teja”. At the next crossing (2), with an information panel of this hiking area, we turn right onto an asphalt road, signposted with “Cerro el Calar”.
  • Further on we get at a wide dirt road (3), where we keep left. In a sharp bend next to the football field (4) we keep left and stay on the same path; thus here do not go straight on.
  • Further on next to a small farm (5) we keep left and enter a narrow trail. Thus here we leave the paved road. After an intense climb we reach the Collado de la Gitana, on about 1,700 meters of altitude (6). At this point various trails meet. We take the most left trail and thus sort of return in the direction from where we came, further uphill towards the Calar.
  • From the Calar (7) we continue the trail straight on downhill. We now reach another peak from where the trail continues on the left side further downhill. From here on we very clearly descend to the valley of Güéjar-Sierra and the Reservoir of Canales.
  • Now we quickly descend zigzagging until we reach the Alto del Torril (8), a crest that terminates on a rock formation where the trail splits up. We turn left to start a heavy descend to Güéjar-Sierra. This part of the route is technically the most difficult because of its steepness and the loose surface. There are various side-trails but we stay in the direction of the valley of Güéjar-Sierra keeping it right in front of us, without being distracted by these side-trails.
  • Eventually we get at a wide path (9), where we turn right. At the next occasion (10) we turn left.
  • We now reach the same trail that we already traversed on the way out. We turn to the right here and walk via the same route back to the car.

Route El Calar

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