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La Cebrera is a mountain of 1,568 metres altitude near El Barraco, in Ávila. Located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos, it offers beautiful views of both the Sierra de Gredos to the west and the Sierra de Madrid to the east. The hike is almost entirely on wide trails and unpaved roads, so it can be done with not too much effort.

  • From the cemetery (1), cross the N-403 across the street parallel to the main road, the Calle el Álamo. At the end of the Calle el Álamo (2) we turn left into Calle Pilón de Luis. Then we go up in the third street on the right, the Calle de la Cuesta de Ángel Arroyo (3).
  • At the end of this street we turn left (4) and then immediately right again (5), in the Camino de Santa Cruz / Camino de la Sierra (5). A little further on at the Y-junction (6) we keep left on the Camino de la Sierra, which soon turns into a dirt road and we see the marking of the PRC-AV 32.
  • We follow the white-yellow marking of this dirt road and so after ten minutes we ignore a path on the right (7), with a white-yellow cross. 25 minutes later we ignore the path on the left (8) and we go straight ahead. Ten minutes later we ignore the path on the right (9) and we stay on the dirt road.
  • A little less than half an hour further on, we see a trail on the left that goes off the unpaved road (10). We leave the white-yellow marking here and walk past the white-yellow cross. After fifteen minutes we find a path (11) on the right that we will take on the way back. Now, however, we go straight to the top of La Cebrera.
  • A little further on at the fork (12) we follow the bend to the right. Once at La Cebrera (12) we walk back to the fork (11), where we now turn left.
  • The path is not very clearly visible here, but the orientation presents few problems. After 20 minutes we reach a wide path (14), where we turn left. 25 minutes later at the fork (15) we turn left.
  • Again 25 minutes later at the fork (16) we turn right and continue following the white-yellow marking. In this way we arrive at the main road N-403 where we turn left (17) and walk back to the cemetery (1) via this road.

Route La Cebrera

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