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Peña Carazo is with its just 2,000 metres of altitude about 500 meters lower than the highest peaks of Fuentes Carrionas, but the nice thing about this summit is that it is situated in the middle of the Nature Park of Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montaña Palentina. The hike to this peak is a relatively easy walk. Here we are surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Fuentes Carrionas and we do not have to look far to see the high peaks such as the Curavacas and Peña Prieta. On the way back to the Abbey of Lebanza during a large part of the route we have a wide view over the valley of Lebanza.

  • Just before the end of the road lies a dirt road on the right (1), which we enter and where we go through a gate.
  • Quickly we cross a small wooden bridge (2) over the stream Arroyo de la Abadía, where the path turns right. A bit further on the path turns with a sharp bend back to the left (3).
  • Through this path we climb about 100 metres and we reach a meadow with stones which we cross straight on. On the other side of the meadow, we can see tyre marks, towards which we walk. We now see the Peña Carazo lying at our right hand.
  • We cross the entire meadow and follow the tyre marks of the cars that sometimes drive here. When we arrive at the highest point of this meadow, we turn right (5), where we find a path that crosses the Arroyo de la Abadía.
  • This path we follow in the direction of the pass that lies between the peaks of Peña Hontanillas and Carazo, and which we see right in front of us. The path is not always clearly visible, but by keeping the pass as our direction, the orientation is not really a problem. We can also see a sporadic milestone here.
  • On this pass (7), where we have a nice view over the higher parts of the Fuentes Carrionas, we go through the fence and follow the path to the right, parallel to the fence, that goes uphill towards the Peña Carazo.
  • After a short climb from the pass we reach a rocky ridge (8), from where there are multiple paths towards the Peña Carazo. It is a beautiful and nice route to keep right and walk along the ridge, but it is a bit heavier than the alternative to the left, down along the ridge. In the latter case, you do not start to ascend before you are right under the slope of the Peña Carazo. It happens to be that the peak is further away than you might initially think, and if you go straight onto the ridge, you will have a relatively long stretch of ascending and descending before you reach the Peña Carazo.
  • From the Peña Carazo (9) we walk back below the crest and continue the same route back to the pass (7) and the Abadía Lebaza (1). To find the trail that crosses the Arroyo de la Abadía (6) you have to pay attention, because it lies somewhat hidden behind the bushes.

Route Peña Carazo

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