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The Pico Pierzo is a relatively low summit on the western side of the Picos de Europa. It is a relatively easy hike on the edge of the western massif (Macizo Occidental) which gives a beautiful view of the spectacular mountains that make up the Picos de Europa for much of the hike. The top itself is, as it were, a balcony on the Macizo Occidental.

  • From the Collada Llomena (1) take the dirt road, not to be missed by the large information panel of the hike and signposted as the PR-AS-211 and with white-yellow marking.
  • Follow this dirt road for about 40 minutes until we enter a trail on the right side, marked with white-yellow and a signpost towards Pierzu (2).
  • After about half an hour (3) near a sheepfold (Majada de Cerboes) the marking is temporarily difficult to find. Initially, keep to the right, then turn to the left towards the sheepfold, then go right past the huts.
  • From here we find the marking again and we simply follow the trail for about an hour, eventually reaching the Pico Pierzo (4).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Pico Pierzo

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