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Pinares de la Acebeda

This route is situated on the north face of the Sierra de Guadarrama in Segovia, which makes that in winter the chances of snow and cold are much higher here than on the Madrid side. The hike departs from the Reservoir of Puente Alta and then makes a tour through the pine forest of La Acebeda via most of the time wide trails and dirt roads, which makes that the orientation on a day with lots of snow does not become overly complicated.

  • From where we parked the car (1) we walk for about 2 kilometres on this road – closed for cars – along the reservoir. This road ends on an open space that seems to have been a parking place in the past (2). Here we enter the trail that is most on the left.
  • We now go uphill here and walk parallel to the stream (Río de la Acebeda). We ignore various side-trails and make sure we stay on the wide trail. Further on we cross a small bridge (3) and now walk on the right side of the stream.
  • Further on at a crossing (4), where on the left “Arroyo Valdeconejos” and on the right “Captación” are signposted we go straight on, further uphill. We now go through two netting fences and then reach an asphalt road (5), where we turn right.
  • We now descend for a while, cross in a bend (6) the Río de la Acebeda again, keep walking straight on in this road and start climbing again. We now ignore a number of side-paths and once we reach a Y-junction (7) we keep right, staying on the road.
  • About 1,300 metres further on (8), at a slightly more open space we can see some boulders on the right. Here on the right we enter a narrow trail, which in winter can be recognized by the footsteps of other hikers. We follow this trail, go through a small gate and further follow the trail.
  • We now go through a fence and behind it we turn right (9). We walk parallel to a fence at our left hand and further on parallel to a fence on our right hand. We now clearly walk towards the reservoir and when we are getting closer to it we need to keep left, ignoring trails on the right.
  • Just before the end of this trail (10) we go over a small concrete dam, right behind it turn left, walk past an old construction at our right hand and then reach again the asphalt road we already walked on the way out. We now turn left and walk back to the car via this road.

Route Pinares de la Acebeda

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