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This hike takes us to La Mira, a summit at 2,343 metres which is like the Balcony of Gredos because of the great view we have from here on the Circo de Gredos, the heart of the Sierra de Gredos, that without any doubt forms the most spectacular part of this mountain range. From the Mira towards the east we have a great view of the very characteristic rock face of the Galayos.

  • From the AV-931 where the parked the car (1) we follow the dirt road behind the gate. Further on, the path turns to the right (2) but we go straight on to take a short-cut. We arrive at a gate (3) through which we go and then turn left onto the wide path. A little further on we ignore a path to the left and follow the white-yellow marking of the PR-AV 18.
  • Further on at a junction we keep right and keep following the white-yellow marking. We cross the stream Arroyo del Charco (4) and keep following the white-yellow marking, ignoring occasional side paths. This way after a steep climb we eventually arrive at the Puerto del Peón (5) at 2,028 metres.
  • On this pass we go straight ahead. Further on we descend a bit and then ascend again, the whole time with the path clearly ahead of us. Eventually we end up on the ridge (6) where we keep following the trail to the left via the milestones.
  • Following this path we pass the ruins of a house. Here a bit past it the trail starts to descend to the right (7). We go to the left up the mountain, towards the top of La Mira, a route which is marked with milestones.
  • So we finally reach the summit of La Mira at 2,351 metres (8).
  • The way back goes via the same route.

Route La Mira

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