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The Pico Colgadizos is a summit in the far north of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, west of the Puerto de Somosierra, near the village of Robregordo. In this part of the Madrid mountains it is quite often cold, cloudy and windy. The Pico Colgadizos, which lies at 1,834 meters, is not a classic peak, but more of a plateau. From the peak we especially have good views to the south and with clear weather we can see the Sierra de la Cabrera and the high peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

  • From the main road (1) we take the path next to the road, further north. We first walk a bit downhill, cross the bridge (2) and begin to ascend. We ignore a trail on the left.
  • We keep following this wide path and ignore several side paths. At some point we go through a large gate and keep following the path for a while.
  • We arrive at a crossroads of various paths (3) where we go straight ahead. We take the left turn and a little further go to the right, onto a firebreak (4) where we begin to climb firmly.
  • We twice cross a trail (6) (7) and keep following the firebreak uphill. Later it converts more into a path, takes a turn to the left (7) and then again to the right and we ascend further.
  • We keep following the path and ignore several side paths. This brings us to a wide path (8), where we turn left. Here we walk along a fence and at some point see the post of the Pico Colgadizos in front of us. Where there is an opening in the fence near a large pile of rocks, we turn left (9), off the path, and walk the last stretch to the Pico Colgadizos (10).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Pico Colgadizos

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