Pico del Lobo

With its 2,272 metres the Pico del Lobo is the highest peak of the Sierra de Ayllón and also of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. The hike to it is a classic ascent of a summit, and both from the top and during the walk to it over the crest, we have a beautiful view.

  • From the Puerto de la Quesera (1) we take the wide trail that we see at our right hand.
  • This wide trail eventually takes a turn to the left (2) after which we can see the trail to the peak of the Pico del Lobo at the right in front of us.
  • We eventually reach a sidetrail to the right (3) to La Pinilla, where we of course follow the signpost straight on to the Pico del Lobo.
  • Finally we arrive at about 2,272 metres at the Pico del Lobo (4).
  • From the summit we return via the same trail and at the sidetrail to the left to la Pinilla (3) we go straight on again.
  • We follow the same trail of the way out during some time until we arrive at about 1,800 metres, just before the trail starts to climb again (5). A few meters to the right we can see a wide trail to which we take a short-cut. This trail a bit further on converts into a comfortable wide path that brings us back to the Puerto de la Quesera (1).

Route Pico del Lobo