The Sobrado Route

Because of the humid climate of Galicia, this is an extraordinarily green route through forests and villages and along fields. The village Sobrado is charming, since it seems time has stand still here. Many houses still have stables on the ground floor. When we reach the village Manzaneda, we return to A Pobra de Trives. The route has a lot of shadow.

  • From the starting point of the route (1) we descend – following the white-yellow marking - to eventually cross again with the OU-636 (2).
  • The trail continues at the other side of the road. When we cross an asphalt road (3), we go straight on.
  • At the next two forks, we keep left. Eventually we arrive in the village of Sobrado (4). Here we take the road to the left, and a bit further on we turn left again, walking past the church.
  • We get past the cemetery and continue straight on. The trail now descends towards the river San Lázaro. Where below the path seems to turn to the right, we keep left to - after a couple of metres - cross the small river through the stones that lie in it (5).
  • The path continues through dense vegetation and climbs to the village of Manzaneda(6), the destination of our excursion.
  • The way back follows the same trail.

Route The Sobrado Route