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On this route we hike past the Peñas de Herrera, which are four pointed limestone rocks near the charming village of Talamantes. They form a colossal alignment of rocks (cuchillos) and are the most important remarkable part of the eastern end of the Sierra del Moncayo.

  • From the road we enter the Calle Horno Viejo (1) to walk towards the village of Talamantes. In the village we follow the white marks. At some point there are marks to both the right and the left (2). Here we go to the right, towards Purujosa / Sanctuario de Moncayo. Later we also see a sign to the Peñas de Herrera.
  • We leave the village and enter a dirt road. We already see the Peñas de Herrera in front of us. Later (3) we see a trail to the right that we ignore. Then the path forks and we keep left, following the white marks of the GR-90.1 towards the Barranco de Fuendeherrera.
  • We walk more than half an hour through the gorge until we get out of it where a steep ascent begins (4). Now we have a more open view towards the Peñas de Herrera and we walk on the slope via the Vereda de Castilla.
  • We arrive at a col (5) where we already have beautiful views. We follow the trail to the other side of the ridge. We have very nice views on the Peñas de Herrera.
  • Later (6) we come out on a wide path on a meadow where we turn left. On this path we temporarily leave the white marks of the GR-90.1. On the path we can now see the Peñas de Herrera from the other side.
  • Eventually the trail comes out on the GR-90.1 (7). We go left and follow the white-red marks. A little further on we pass a junction (8) where we continue straight.
  • Later (9) the trail forks. We follow the GR markings on the left. Later (10) the trail ends on a track where we continue straight. Further on (11) we have to cross a stream. The GR continues on the other side of the stream.
  • When we are close to the village of Talamantes we continue via a dirt road (12), descending towards the village.
  • We reach the village via a bridge and turn right (2), to return to the car (1) through the village via the same route as on the way out.

Route Rocks of Herrera

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