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During this hike from Yebra de Basa we pass various ermitas, such as the Ermita del Angusto, Ermita de las Rodillas and the Ermita de la Cruz and the Sanctuary of Santa Orosia. The most beautiful ermitas are without a doubt the Ermitas de San Cornelio and La Cueva, which is fully embedded in a rock and where the waterfall of El Chorro clatters along. From the Sanctuary we continue our hike to the Oturia, a flat top at 1,924 meters in the Prepyrenees of Huesca, from where we have beautiful distant views towards the Pyrenees.

  • From the Plaza Santa Orosia (1) at the roundabout at the church we go straight ahead, into the Calle Escuelas. We walk out of the village via the Calle Escuelas and go straight ahead/to the right at a junction (2), which is clearly marked with a sign "Cuevas de Santa Orosia". This will lead to the white-yellow marked PR-HU-4.
  • After five minutes we pass the Ermita del Angusto (3) and follow the white-yellow marking along the Ermita on the left.
  • About twenty minutes later we pass another ermita, the Ermita de las Rodillas. About 50 minutes later we arrive at a fork (4) with an information panel of the hike. Here we keep to the left (on the way back we come back via the trail on the right).
  • A little further on (6) the trail continues to the left. However, first head to the right to visit the Ermita de San Cornelio, the Ermita de La Cueva and the waterfall of El Chorro, an absolutely obligatory visit.
  • After our visit to the ermitas we continue the trail (6) that leads us in less than half an hour time past yet another ermita, the Ermita de la Cruz (7). From here we have to go north to the Sanctuary of Santa Orosia (8) to which we walk in 15 minutes time.
  • At the Sanctuary (8) we go straight ahead on the dirt road. After 5-10 minutes we keep left on the dirt road at the fork (9).
  • About 20 minutes later at the fork (10) we keep left and ascend. After five minutes (11) a track goes straight ahead, but it is easier to keep following the dirt road here.
  • A little further on (12) there is a path on the left, marked with a milestone, but we keep right on the dirt road. Again a little further on we leave the wide path (13), marked with a post with white-yellow marking.
  • On this narrow trail it gets a bit steeper and we follow the milestones. In 20-25 minutes we reach the summit of Oturia (14).
  • From the top we walk through the same narrow trail back to the dirt road (13) where we now go straight ahead for a shortcut.
  • Fifteen minutes later we see a milestone (15) on the left to mark a path that also works well as a shortcut.
  • At the Sanctuary (8) we continue straight ahead on the dirt road. A little further on (16) we can turn left to cut off the bends of the dirt road.
  • Further down from this path we see the Ermita de San Cornelio, the Ermita de La Cueva and the waterfall of El Chorro, where we walked earlier.
  • At about 2.5 kilometres from the sanctuary (30 minutes) we go right leaving the dirt road (17). Take the rightmost path here and do not go up the path that is marked with a signpost to the mirador.
  • A few minutes later we pass a signpost "Camino de Santa Orosia". This is a narrow, slightly steep, trail that takes us in 10-15 minutes to the fork (5) where we already were on the way out. Thus now we go left here and walk back to Yebra de Basa (1) via the same route.

Route Oturia

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