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From the Puerto del Pico we walk through a very varied hike and a beautiful path that leads to the Puerto del Arenal, to the Pico La Fría. At this peak we find ourselves close to the Circo de Gredos, the spectacular heart of the Sierra de Gredos. Therefore from the peak we have a nice view and can especially see the Mira well.

  • From the parking (1) we cross the road and enter a wide path. Here we immediately go left and follow the sign "Senda de la Rubia '(2). Further on we keep left and walk past the cross and the information panel of the "Senda de la Rubia."
  • We arrive at an open field, the "Pradera de la Rubia" with an old hut, the "Chozo de la Rubia" where we go left and keep following the marking of the Senda de la Rubia (3).
  • We keep following the PR-AV-15. Occasionally the path is difficult to see, but there are many posts and white-yellow markings. This way we finally arrive at the refuge "Refugio de las Campanas" (4) where we go left briefly on the wide path and then immediately turn right, leaving the PR-AV-15. We follow the sign "Puerto del Arenal."
  • We follow this beautiful path, marked with milestones and poles with white signs, until the Puerto del Arenal (5). From here we keep right over the ridge and follow the trail, marked with milestones up to the top of the Pico La Fría (6). The last metres to the summit we have to climb through the rocks.
  • From the top we continue on the same trail over the ridge. Further on the path widens. At about 1,860 metres above sea level, just before a rock formation, it seems that to the left you can go downhill too, but we go right past the rocks and follow a narrow trail marked with milestones (7).
  • We keep following the milestones and further on reach a wide path, where we turn right (8). We walk further downhill until we see a narrow path on the right, marked with milestones, which goes down steeply (9).
  • Via this path we descend quickly and we finally reach the "Chozo de la Rubia" again on the "Pradera de la Rubia", where we turn left (3).
  • From here we follow the same path as on the way out - the PR-AV-15 - back to the Puerto del Pico (1).

Route Pico la Fría

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