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This is an easy hike that with little effort give us a a beautiful view over the valley of the River Tormes. The River Tormes basin lies north of the Sierra de Gredos, where the mountains are much lower than in the central part.

  • From where we parked the car (1) we go over the bridge. Behind the bridge at the fork (2) we turn left, onto a dirt road.
  • At a fork we keep right and at the next junction (3) we go right again and we keep ascending.
  • At about 1,530 metres (4) to the right we can go to the top of the Cabeza de la Cabra (a top with an antenna), but we go straight ahead here.
  • A little further at a fork we keep left and walk along a small wall. Further on the trail begins to descend again. At the next fork we go left again and further descend.
  • We arrive at a somewhat dilapidated sheep fold (5) where we walk past it and then turn to the left. We descend to the River Tormes. When we are almost down, we end at another trail (6) where we turn left.
  • We descend all the way down to the river Tormes (7) which we cross through a number of stones. On the other side of the river we arrive at a dirt road (8) where we turn left. This is the GR -10.
  • Through this GR- 10, we walk back to the bridge " Puente de las Paredes " where we parked the car (1).

Route River Tormes

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