El Cornón

The Cornón is the highest peak of the Parque Natural de Somiedo, a scenic area of an unparalleled beauty in Asturias, in the Cantabrian Mountains. The hike to it is a classic ascent via a well-marked path and both during the hike and when we are at the top we have an incredibly beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, which consists of a variety of materials, such as limestone, flint and sandstone.

  • If, coming from the direction of Pola de Somiedo, you park the car somewhere at the entrance to the village (1), you need to walk a short stretch further down the road until an information panel of the Ruta el Cornón on the right side of the road (2). Turn right here onto white-yellow marked path, the PR AS-10.
  • Still in the village follow the marking and keep to the left, which makes us leave the built-up area onto a wide path with a beautifully wide view on the surrounding mountains.
  • Soon we turn left (3) and keep following the white-yellow marking onto a path that goes downhill a bit. A little further at the Y-junction (4) we turn right.
  • We now simply follow the marking all the time. In the middle part of the route, somewhere between 1,700 and 1,800 metres of altitude, it is sometimes a bit more difficult to find the marking and multiple paths run here, but by paying some attention, nothing can go wrong.
  • This way we finally reach the summit of El Cornón at 2,194 metres (5).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route El Cornón