El Lucero
El Lucero

The Lucero or Raspón de los Moriscos is one of the most emblematic peaks of the Sierra de Almijara and the ascent to the peak is a true classic, with reason. Once we are over the Puerto Llano the hike becomes awesome. Via a steep trail through a breathtaking barren rocky landscape we climb to the summit of El Lucero. While we make the climb the views over both the Sierra de Almijara and the Mediterranean Sea become better and better and when we finally reach the summit, we encounter a ruin of the Spanish Civil War when the peak was a strategic vantage point.

  • In the bend of the Puerto Blanquillo (1) on the right side at a post with an arrow starts a narrow trail, which we take uphill. Do not take the rightmost trail but the narrower, steeper trail.
  • Further on at about 1,270 metres we ignore a trail on the right and follow the post with the arrow. Then at about 1,300 metres we ignore a path down to the left and follow the path to the right further up (2).
  • After a short ascent, we get at about 1,400 metres at the Puerto de Cómpeta (3). At the Puerto de Cómpeta at the fork we turn right for a short while and descend a bit. To our right we see a quarry. On the wide path we turn left and descend a bit.
  • Further on at a junction with the sign "Raspón de los Moriscos" we turn right (4). We follow this wide path for a while to a large panel of the Junta de Andalucía of the trail to the Raspón de los Moriscos where we turn right, over a small wooden bridge over the stream (5).
  • From here we simply follow the trail. First to the Puerto Llano (6) at about 1,540 metres. From here the trail becomes more and more spectacular and we can see it zigzagging ahead of us to the summit of the Lucero.
  • Once at the summit of the Lucero (7) at 1,782 metres we follow the same route back.

Route El Lucero

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Video El Lucero

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Location of this Hike

Region: Sierra de Almijara
Near: Canillas de Albaida
24 °C
18 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 3:30 hrs.
Distance: 10.3 km
Route type: Round trip
Path type: Dirt roads, trails
Marking: Signposts, milestones
Total difference in altitude: 764 m.
Highest point: 1,782 m.
Difficulty: Medium (3/14)

Route profile El Lucero
Last update: September 11, 2014

How to get there?

From Málaga follow the A-7 to the east and take exit 277 to Algarrobo. Follow the A-7206 to Algarrobo, Sayalonga and Competa, and finally the signs to Canillas de Albaida. Once in Canillas de Albaida just past the intersection turn right towards the Fábrica de la Luz. At first follow the signs to the Fábrica de la Luz. However, at a junction where to the left the Fábrica de la Luz is signposted, turn right. Further in a bend we turn left onto the dirt road. We follow this dirt road - which is in not too good condition so it takes a while with a normal car - for approximately 9 kilometers to the Puerto Blanquillo at about 1,200 meters. Here in the bend we park the car.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 36 52.131
Longitude: W 3 55.642