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At 1,239 metres Hawskbill is the highest peak of the Shenandoah National Park. The hike towards it is short and somewhat steep, but offers some spectacular 360-degree views over North Carolina, including a beautiful panoramic view of the canyon of Linville Gorge.

  • From the Hawksbill Gap parking area (1) we follow the trail marked with blue signs on the trees, which is the Lower Hawksbill Trail. Ignore the other trail, which connects with the Appalachian Trail.
  • Just before we reach the summit we reach a fork (2) where we turn right to reach the Hawksbill Summit (3).
  • From the Hawksbill Summit we take the same trail back and turn right at the first fork (2), to enter the Upper Hawksbill Trail. This trail also is marked with blue signs on the trees.
  • The Upper Hawksbill Trail ends at a parking area (4). We cross the road, turn to the right until a bit further on we find another trail (5), which we follow.
  • After a short while we find a trail to the left (6), marked with yellow signs on the trees. On this trail ignore any side-trails and stay on the main trail following the yellow signs, which runs parallel to the Skyline Drive.
  • Eventually we end at a trail with blue signs where we turn left (7) to return to the Hawksbill Gap parking area (1).

Route Hawksbill

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