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The hike starts at the old barrage of Pontón de la Oliva and takes us on the first part of the route through the green valley of the river Lozoya, where we can enjoy a perfect view on the cliff faces on the other side of the river, popular amongst climbers. On the second part of the hike we ascend from the valley of the Lozoya. Via the Dehesa de la Oliva we walk to a spectacular viewing point, from where we can enjoy a splendid view on the entire area where we just walked and on the ravine walls on the other side of the Lozoya.

  • From the car park (1) we cross the road towards the path that starts at the other side of it. A bit further on we walk past the old barrage of Pontón de la Oliva (2). We take the trail that runs on the left side along the barrage through a couple of stairs.
  • We now walk quite some time over a very charming trail through the valley of Lozoya, parallel to the river. This trail terminates at a wide gravel path (3), where we turn left.
  • After we have climbed out of the valley of the Lozoya, we reach a bend (4) that gives us a marvellous view over the gorge that lies beside the valley. The gravel path crosses another path here, but we stay on the gravel path.
  • This trail eventually ends at an asphalt road (5). A bit further on we take, to the left side of the asphalt road, the trail that runs further uphill. Further on at Y-junction (6) we turn left. This trail leads to a structure of the waterworks Canal de Isabel II (7), from where a narrow trail continues to a lovely viewing point (8).
  • Next we return from the viewing point - via the same trail – to the Y-junction (6), where we turn left now.
  • Just before we reach the asphalt road (9), we turn left onto a narrow trail. This trail ends at the path where - at the beginning of the hike - we walked towards the barrage (10). Here we turn left, which returns us to the car park (1).

Route Pontón de la Oliva

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