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Sierra Espuña

The Sierra Espuña is a mountain range that belongs to the Cordillera Penibética, the most southern mountain range of the Baetic System, and lies fully in the region of Murcia in the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Totana, Aledo and Mula. It is a ridge of relatively low mountains and is characterized by woods, gorges, brooks, wells and the peaks of the Morrones de Espuña. The Sierra Espuña is since 1992 a regional natural park.

At the edge of the Sierra Espuña lie the Barrancos de Gebas. These form a spectacular desert landscape that also reminds of lunar scenery, with gorges and sandy ravines. From Gebas there is a trail to the Mirador de los Barrancos, an observation point that gives a beautiful view on this landscape. On the hike from El Berro that offers, near Gebas we also have a nice view on the Barrancos from the distance.

Near Alhama de Murcia lies the Sierra de la Muela where also offers a hike. This is a sandstone mountain ridge, which on the side of Alhama de Murcia stands out as a steep face against this town. On this mountain lies the Mirador de la Muela, an observation point that gives a perfect view over Alhama and its wide surroundings.

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