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Bola del Mundo via Puerto de los Cotos

The Bola del Mundo is a summit at 2,275 metres that can easily be recognized from a great distance because of the huge antennas on it. Until 2010 these antennas were in use for the distribution of both the television and radio signals on the Meseta, but since the introduction of digital television from here only the radio signal is distributed; the question therefore is what will happen to these massive antennass. The summit can be reached easily via a short steep climb from the Puerto de Navacerrada, but this hike takes an alternative and much longer route via the Puerto de Cotos and the Loma del Noruego.

  • From the Puerto de Navacerrada (1) walk towards the CL-601 in the direction of Segovia. A few metres behind the sign of the province of Segovia located on the right side of the road behind the crashbarrier lies a narrow path downhill (2), through which we descend.
  • This path we follow some time and finally cross the stream Arroyo de Peñarrodada (3). On the other side the path turns to the left. A little further on we ignore the path to the right (4) and go straight ahead, continuing with the stream to our left and further on cross another stream, the Arroyo de los Puentes.
  • At the other side of this stream this trail quickly turns into an asphalt road (5) which we follow for a while. We follow this road until a T-junction (6), where we turn right.
  • Further on we ignore a path on the right (7) until the next T-junction (8), where we turn right onto the Camino Viejo de el Paular, onto a red-white marked path.
  • We follow the Camino Viejo de el Paular until the Puerto de Cotos (9). Here we cross the road and at the beginning of the road to Valdesquí directly turn right, uphill towards a pole, onto a white-yellow marked path (10).
  • The path takes a turn to the right and then left again on an open stretch, where the white-yellow marked path goes straight ahead (11). We, however, turn right here. Initially the path is not visible here, but soon it is again. We follow the unmarked path for a while and a little further on at a Y-junction turn right.
  • We soon reach another path and turn right (12) and a little further on pass a small building. The path descends for a while and a bit further on we see the Bola del Mundo clearly, straight ahead of us.
  • This path (PR-31) is easy to follow and brings us ever closer to the Bola del Mundo. On the last stretch the climb is somewhat steeper.
  • After a good ascent we reach the end of the ski-lift, at about 2.200 metres (13). Turn right here onto the trail for the last stretch to the Bola del Mundo (14).
  • On the Bola del Mundo we see a paved road through which we start a steep descent back to the Puerto de Navacerrada (1).

Route Bola del Mundo via Puerto de los Cotos

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