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The hike departs from the ski resort Astún near Candanchú and runs via a comfortable trail to the charmingly situated lake Ibón de Escalar. When we climb a bit further to the Col des Moines, on the border with France, the landscape suddenly open itself completely and we get a fantastic view over the French Parc National des Pyrénées. Continue to the Pic des Moines though, as from this peak of 2,349 metres the view over especially the Spanish sit is just breathtaking and of an unprecedented wideness.

  • From the parking lot (1) walk to the Hotel Europa and completely walk past it. At the end of this road we take a narrow trail over a small stream (2).
  • We now immediately start to ascend. Here we reach both a wide and a narrow trail. It does not matter which trail we take, as both eventually end at the same point.
  • Eventually we reach the lake "Ibón de Escalar" (3). We walk a while along it and then keep right at the junction (4). We can also go left here, but if we turn right a bit uphill, we get a nice view over the Ibón. Once up here (5) we keep left again and now walk through the trail on the other side of the Ibón.
  • This trail further on turns to the right (6), ascends further and eventually brings us on the Col des Moines (7). Behind the gate lies the Parc National des Pyrénées of France, on which we have a gorgeous view from this pass. Our trail continues to the left though, still before the gate, on the Spanish side.
  • Through this trail we ascend until about 2,280 metres and we reach another trail (8) where we turn right. We can now see the Pic des Moines right in front of us. The last stretch to the peak is a more difficult climb and we need to partially use our hands, but all the time there is a clearly visible trail.
  • From the Pic des Moines (9), which lies in France, we walk back to the Ibón de Escalar via the same route. Where next to the lake (10) the trail divides, we now keep right and walk along the lake through the lower trail.
  • From here we walk back to Astún (1) via the same route.

Route Pic des Moines

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