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During this very varied hike we visit both Cala Goloritzé and Punta Salinas, on the east coast of Sardinia. Cala Goloritzé is one of Sardinia's most imaginative beaches, because of its spectacular 143-metre-high rock point towering over the beach. After the beach we climb to Punta Salinas, from where we have a fantastic view over this rocky outcrop and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • At Su Porteddu (1), walks past the the barrier and continue via the road. After about 20 minutes (2) we have a first view over the Tyrrhenian Sea.
  • Simply follow the trail for in total about an hour and a half and ignore any side-trails, until you reach the beach of Cala Goloritze with its spectacular rock point (3).
  • Walk back from the beach for about half an hour via the same path until you have ascended more than 200 meters. On the left, find a path between the rocks. It is not very clearly visible but can be identified by some red dots on the rocks (4).
  • Follow this path for about 20 minutes and pay attention to a trail on the left between the trees that goes uphill, marked by a pile of stones (5). This trail is easily missed.
  • Follow the trail for 15 minutes and go left at a milestone (6). The path here is a little unclear. Keep to the right to find a clear path a little further down the road, where we turn left (7).
  • From here we walk in about ten minutes to Punta Salinas (8).
  • From the top we walk back via the same path and after about ten minutes at the fork (9) we keep left.
  • After about 20 minutes we end up at a wide path with a milestone (10) where we turn right. Five minutes later at the fork (11) we turn left.
  • We follow the trail for twenty minutes and eventually walk on a wide path. We need to go right onto a narrower trail, marked with a pile of milestones (12).
  • About 5 minutes later at some buildings (13) we first go left and then directly right onto a trail, near some milestones, through the field.
  • A little further on, the path is momentarily difficult to see, but pay attention to the milestones that guide the trail downwards between the rocks.
  • This way, half an hour later we return to the path of the way out (14) where we now turn left and walk back to Su Porteddu (1).

Route Punta Salinas

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