Sierra Norte de Guadalajara

The Sierra Norte of Guadalajara is a mountain range in the north of the province of Guadalajara in Castile-La Mancha, and forms a connection between the Central System (Sistema Central) and the Iberian System (Sistema Ibérico). It contains among others the mountains of Ayllón, Alto Rey, Pela and the Sierra Gorda, the natural park Hayedo de Tejera Negra, and the nature reserves Macizo del Pico del Lobo-Cebollera, Río Pelagallinas and Sonsaz.

The area is criss-crossed with various basins of rivers such as the Jaramilla, Jarama, Lozoya, Sorbe and the Bornova. In the area also lie three important reservoirs: The Vado, Beleña and Alcorlo.

Because of its climate it knows a big diversity of both forests - such as beech woods, oak woods, pine forests and tree vegetation on river banks - as well as bushes and grasslands.

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