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La Granja de San Ildefonso is a royal summer palace, built by Philip V in the 18th century. This hike takes us to the Silla del Rey, a chair carved in stone that was commissioned in the 19th century by King Francisco de Asís de Borbón. From this chair the king had a good view at the palace.

  • We walk to end of the street with the sawmill (1) and then turn left (2).
  • We follow this asphalt road and at the Y -junction (3) turn right, further following the asphalt. At a fork further on (4) we turn left over a bridge and we continue walking on an asphalt road.
  • Further on at about 1,340 metres at a T-junction (5) we go straight on (left), still on an asphalt road.
  • Further on at a fork (6) on the left there is a dirt road; we turn to the right here and keep walking on the asphalt. Further on the road turns into a dirt road.
  • We arrive at a fork just above 1,600 metres (7). Here we go left and walk this way to the Silla del Rey (8). Next we walk back from the Silla del Rey to the dirt road (7), where we go straight on now.
  • We follow the dirt road for a long time until we reach an asphalt road just over 1,400 metres (9), where we turn right.
  • We further descend and after a long time reach the junction (4) where we also were before. We now turn left and walk the last stretch via the same route back to La Pradera de Navalhorno (1).

Route Silla del Rey

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