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This route is a combination of a number of well-marked routes, the PR-MU 79, the PR-MU 69 and the GR-MU-252, and gives a varied impression of the Sierra Espuña. The first part leads to Gebas, which gives us a beautiful view on the desert landscape of the Barranco de Gebas. Going back again to El Berro we walk more towards the core of the Sierra Espuña, having a nice view on the peaks of this mountain range. The hike is relatively long but as we walk all the time on trails of excellent quality, the hike never causes real complications.

  • At the exit of the campsite (1) we turn left towards El Berro. In El Berro at the right side of the through road there is a narrow street (2) marked white-red-yellow, which we enter, onto the GR-252, leaving El Berro. We get past various side-paths and junctions. We keep following the white-red marking.
  • Eventually we get at a narrow trail through the forest and walk along an old water channel. At a certain moment the white-yellow marked trail leaves this path on the left, over the channel (3). We keep following the white-red marking straight on.
  • Further on this trail ends at a fence (4) where we get again at the white-yellow marked PR-MU 69. From here we follow the white-yellow marking, to the right uphill. Quickly the white-red trail turns left downhill (5), but we follow the white-yellow marking to the right further uphill.
  • Further on at a junction we follow the marking to the right (6). We keep walking for a while on this path until we reach a bridge over a stream (7). Just before this stream we turn left, onto an unmarked trail.
  • This trail is a heavy ascent and eventually terminates at an asphalt road (8). Here we turn to the right and then at the junction directly to the left. Further on in a bend a path joins from the right (9), with signposts. We turn to the left here and stay on the asphalt road. From this point we see the white-yellow marking again; we now walk on the PR-MU 79, which we will follow until the end of the hike.
  • Further on the asphalt road turns to the right in a bend and just behind there is a path to the left, closed with a green barrier and marked white-yellow (10). Thus we enter this path.
  • At the next junction (11) we keep right on the broad path, next we ignore a side-path on the left, next we ignore a side-path on the right, follow the bend to the left, at a Y-junction we go to the right further downhill and ignore a side-path on the left, all the time following the white-yellow marking.
  • We now end at a white house, the Casa de Leiva (12), which we pass at the right. We end at an asphalt road and turn left. We get past a picnic place and turn left at the next junction, towards “Centro de Visitantes” (Visitor Centre). Quickly on the right side of the road there is a white-yellow marked trail that we enter. At the next Y-junction further on we turn right, uphill. At the asphalt road (14) we turn left.
  • We now get past an old TBC-sanatorium. Before this sanatorium lies a path on the right that we ignore and next on the left a marked trail (15) that we ignore. We walk past the sanatorium following the bend to the right. Behind this bend on the right, signposted, we find a trail that we enter (16). From here the GR 252 joins our trail again, which makes our marking white-red-yellow again (and often only white-red).
  • At the next T-junction (17) we turn right and at the next Y-junction we turn right again. Further on we see a dirt road (18) towards which we have to cross the field, crossing a little dam and following the white-red marking. At the road we turn left.
  • Further on (19) the road is closed for cars with a green barrier, but we go straight on here and ignore further on a marked trail on the left side (Senda del Dinosaurio). Further on at a crossing (20) we turn right, which is clearly signposted.
  • This path is still marked white-red. We ignore a private road on the left (21) and next at a Y-junction we turn right (22). We now walk through the Barranco de las Brujas, and our trail and the valley get smaller and smaller.
  • At the end of this trail we go through a gate. Next we reach an asphalt road (23) where we turn right, which brings us on the road through El Berro, where we turn left to return within an instance to the entrance of the campsite.

Route El Berro

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