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The Pico Mahón is a peak located at 1,826 meters that forms a perfect balcony on the valley of Curueño and Los Argüellos. From the top we have a wonderful view of the surrounding peaks of Cueto Ancino, Valdorria, Peña Verde, la Peña el Pueblo, Bodón and Cueto Cabanas. The hike from Tolibia de Arriba develops through excellent paths without any complications.

  • In Tolibia de Arriba, at the church turn right over the bridge (1) and go left over the bridge. This street quickly turns into an unpaved road that we follow for quite some time. Keep right after 15 minutes, continue on the unpaved road (2). 20 minutes later keep right again, further up the dirt road (3).
  • Another fifteen minutes later we walk out of the forest (4) and the landscape opens up, which provides a magnificent view. Ten minutes later (5) we stay left on the wide path, along the bottom of the ridge.
  • We now follow this wide path / track for quite some time and ignore a number of forks to the left. After about 50 minutes we find a path on the left (7) through which we will go back to Tolibia de Arrriba. First, however, we go straight ahead.
  • After ten minutes (8) the trail turns to the left and on the right we see a trail that leads to the Pico Mahón. Of course we take this trail and walk to the Pico Mahón (9).
  • From the Pico Mahón (9) we walk back over the track to the wide path (8) and go left until the fork to the right (7), which we now do take.
  • It descends quickly via this path. We pass the Majada de Las Tablas (10) behind which the path continues. About twenty minutes later we cross the stream Arroyo de Cudero (11) and on the other side we turn left.
  • We now follow this path for twenty minutes and in this way we arrive again in Tolibia de Arriba (1), where the hike ends.

Route Pico Mahón

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