Bassa d`Oles

This is a relatively short and easy hike that departs and ends at the lake Bassa d'Oles, a popular recreation area near Vielha. During a big part of the hike, that runs over wide and comfortable trails, we have a wide panorama over the Valley of Arán.

  • From the parking lot (1) walk to the dirt road on the left of the refuge that runs uphill, which is closed for cars with a sign. This trail is marked yellow-white.
  • At the next junction (3) we keep right and we follow this dirt road until its very end (at about 1,600 metres). We now reach another dirt road (4) and go left here. We descend for a while.
  • This dirt road ends at a picnic place with two small buildings (5) and we cross here the GRM-15. We go left here onto the GRM-15, which practically returns us into the direction from which we just came, but now going uphill, parallel to the dirt road.
  • We keep following this narrow trail, marked with yellow posts. Further on it seems that the trail continues straight on (6), but our trail – still marked with yellow posts - turns to the right with a sharp bend.
  • We keep following this trail, eventually walk past an abandoned refuge (7) and continue straight on here. Next we keep a bit left and ignore occasional side trails. We descend a bit further and reach the wide path on which we already walked on the way out (8). We now go right here and walk back to the Bassa d'Oles.

Route Bassa d`Oles