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The Pico Barbarisa or Tuca de Barbarisa is a peak on a long ridge that runs from the Tuca de Grist to the Collado de Saúnc. From the pass the access to the peak is the easiest. During the hike we pass some waterfalls and the ibones of Barbarisa. The peak, which has an elevation of 2,707 meters, is a fantastic viewpoint.

  • On the Collado de Saúnc (1) we enter the dirt road that we see on the left. The dirt road makes us descend about 150 meters and after half an hour we pass the Hut of Barbarisa (2).
  • We enter the Barbarisa Valley, still on the dirt road which starts to descend.
  • About 15 minutes later we arrive at the Cascada des Prats (3), where we cross the water by a small bridge entering a trail. A bit later at a crossing (4) we take the PR-HU-51 on the left, in the direction of Ibones de Barbarisa, marked with a white-yellow mark.
  • Half an hour later we pass another waterfall (5) and another half hour later we see the Ibón Chico de Barbarisa (6) on the right hand side.
  • About 15 minutes later we see the Ibón Gran de Barbarisa (7) on the right hand side, below us. From this point we head west, practically turning left to leave behind us the ibón, until we find a trail with milestones.
  • We ascend about 250 meters until we reach a col (8) where we turn right. In a short time we reach the Pico Barbarisa (9).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Pico Barbarisa

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