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The Teso Mular is a classic peak of 1,884 meters at the border of León and Asturias border with very wide views, in the northern part of the Sierra de Ancares. During the majority of the hike we walk on a slightly ascending dirt road through the valley of the Arroyo del Couso, from which especially on the way back we have nice views. At the end of the hike the ascent is steeper and more intense.

  • From the place-name sign (1) walk further in the direction Chano and turn right directly, into the Calle Costanilla (2).
  • We follow this street for a while and there where the street turns left at a well, we go straight ahead, onto a dirt road (3).
  • We follow this wide path for a long time, which gradually ascends. Further on the path narrows and also starts to ascend more rapidly.
  • This way at about 1,650 metres we reach the Refuge of Candecaballos (4) where the wide path ends.
  • Behind the refuge we now clearly see the Teso Mular. Just behind the refuge a narrow trail starts, which we follow.
  • Through this trail we reach the ridge (5) on which the Teso Mular lies and where we of course turn right.
  • Through a narrow and somewhat steep trail we climb the last stretch to the top of the Teso Mular (6).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Teso Mular

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