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This hike in the vicinity of Uña runs through a part of the basin of the river Júcar, which gives the Serranía de Cuenca its typical character with the high steep limestone cliff faces near this river. The tour to Picón de Royo Frío runs via a wide trail from where we have a nice view on these cliff faces. The most spectacular though is the ultimate climb via the Camino de Fuente la Zarza to the Picón de Royo Frío, where the Valley of the Júcar lies at our feet.

  • From the central square where we parked the car (1) we walk back a short stretch along the road CM-2105 in the direction Cuenca. A bit further on at the right we enter a narrow asphalt road (2), which runs along the Laguna de Uña.
  • Next we go over the Canal de la Toba via a bridge and behind it turn left (3), following the white-red marking. We now stay on this road for about 5 kilometres, following the white-red marking and ignoring various side-trails.
  • Eventually, at about 1,200 metres of altitude, the road turns left downhill with a bend. We enter the narrow trail on the right (4) that is marked white-red and yellow. Through this trail we need to face an intense climb. Just before the end of it we walk past some rocks (5) with a tremendous view over the valley of the Júcar.
  • At the end of this trail we reach a dirt road (6) where we turn right. From here on we ignore the white-red marking, which points towards the road to the left.
  • This road further on goes steeply uphill. At the end of this ascent, at about 1,420 metres, this road turns left with a bend. At the right we enter a somewhat narrower trail (7).
  • This trail quickly brings us to the Picón de Royo Frío (8), from where we again have a tremendous view over the Valley of the Júcar.
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Picón de Royo Frío

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