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The Peña del Seo is one of the most remarkable peaks of El Bierzo and it is visible from all directions. The summit has a large prominence thanks to which it gives a far view over El Bierzo and the surrounding Cantabrian Mountains. The whole route we walk on dirt roads and wide paths, making it a very comfortable hike. Moreover, on the way out we have a wide view over the valley and the Cantabrian Mountains, which makes it a very attractive hike.

  • From the car (1) go up the concrete steep road and follow this road uphill, ignoring various side-paths. After about 10-15 minutes at the fork (2) go left and follow the paved road.
  • We keep following the paved road that gradually turns into a dirt road. At the building (3) keep right and keep following the dirt road. After 20-25 minutes ignore the path on the right (4) (via this path we will return).
  • Twenty minutes later (5) we follow the dirt road to the right and ignore the path on the left.
  • We follow this path for another 40 minutes and then, when we see a peak with an antenna on our right hand, at some sort of fork (6), turn right over a wire and then immediately go right onto a path.
  • After 20 minutes at the Y-fork (7) we keep left, uphill.
  • Through this path we reach the Peña del Seo (8) about 40 minutes later.
  • Follow the same path back from the top to the Y-fork (7) where we were before. Go left here now.
  • 15 minutes later on the T-fork (9) turn right.
  • After about 15-20 minutes we pass the mountain refuge of Lamas (10) and five minutes later we return to the path of the way out (4), where we turn left and walk back to Oencia via the same route.

Route Peña del Seo

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