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Sierra del Moncayo

The Sierra del Moncayo is located in the central part of the Iberian System, and it houses the highest peak of this mountain range, namely Moncayo or San Miguel at 2,314 meters, which is also the highest point of the provinces of Zaragoza and Soria. The highest part of the mountain range is located in the north where there are several peaks above 2,000 meters.

As in many mountain ranges in Spain, the remnants of the Ice Age can also be found here, in cirques such as the Circo de Pozo de San Miguel or Cucharón, the Circo de San Gaudioso and the Circo de Morca.

The vegetation of the park varies according to the height: at lower altitudes we mainly find holm oaks and (replanted) pine trees, at somewhat higher altitudes beech trees and (replanted) black pine trees and towards the top meadows, shrub and undergrowth. The beech trees we find here are among the most southern in Europe. The mountain range is also known among lovers for its many special types of mushrooms.

An area of approximately 11,144 hectares of the Sierra del Moncayo, located entirely in Aragon, has been declared a natural park: the Parque Natural de Moncayo.

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