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Peña Trevinca is the highest peak of the Macizo de Trevinca, in the Galician-Leonese Massif. The summit is located on the border of the provinces of Zamora and Orense and at 2,127 meters it is the highest peak of both the province of Zamora and of Galicia. There are several options to reach the top, for example from Galicia from the old ski resort of Trevinca or from Zamora from Porto, but we take a fairly long route from the Laguna de Los Peces, in Zamora.

  • Walk from the car park (1) past the barrier towards the lake. Behind the barrier turn left onto a trail and thus do not walk towards the lake.
  • After about an hour we arrive at a fork with signposts (2), where we follow the GR-84 straight ahead and start to descend. A little further on, the trail splits and we keep to the left.
  • We simply follow the trail that is well marked with white-red, green and milestones and we have a nice view of the Vega del Conde Reservoir. After just under an hour we thus also ignore a small trail on the right and we just go straight ahead and then a over a small bridge (3).
  • A few minutes later we end up on another trail with signposts of the GR-84 (4). We turn right here towards "Senda de montaña a Peña Trevinca".
  • After about 15 minutes, the trail starts to ascend (5) and becomes narrower and more overgrown. The trail gets steeper and technically more difficult, but it is still doable for hikers. It is well marked everywhere, mainly with milestones.
  • Eventually we reach the top of the Peña Trevinca (6) in total in less than four hours.
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Peña Trevinca

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