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The Montserrat is a rocky massif with a unique shape that about 30 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona erects sharply. From afar you can observe its capricious forms. It is considered the most important and significant mountain in Catalonia and houses the famous Montserrat Monastery. Sant Jeroni with its 1,236 meters of altitude is the highest peak of this spectacular mountain range.

  • From the train station (1) we turn right. Quickly we see a red-white cross (2) where we go left, descend through a street and cross the Llobregat by the bridge.
  • Across the River Llobregat (3) we turn left and walk for a while along the C-55. We follow the road for about 200 meters, cross it and on the right go onto the BP-1121 road (4).
  • In about 7 minutes we see on the left a clearly signposted road with white-red and red-green markings (5), which is the GR-5 and GR-96 to the Monastery of Montserrat (Cami de Les Aigées).
  • In about 10 minutes we turn left (6), towards the monastery, following the green-red markings. In about 40 minutes we reach a fork (7) where we go left. A quarter of an hour later we see a trail to the left (8), but we go straight ahead.
  • In about 10 minutes we reach the Monastery of Montserrat (9) and the end of the cog wheel. We go straight ahead along the buildings. We enter the stairs following the signs to Sant Jeroni.
  • After about 50 minutes we reach a fork (10) where we go to the right, following the signpost to the peak. About 7 minutes later (11) we ignore a trail to the left. Continuing straight ahead we arrive at the peak of Sant Jeroni (11) in about 15 minutes.
  • In about 5 minutes at the fork (10) we continue to the right, on the Camino de San Miguel. In about 35 minutes we reach the funicular (13). Behind the funicular we take a wide concrete path, signposted as "Camino de retorno al Monasterio", marked with red arrows.
  • In about 15 minutes (14) we reach a point where there are several paths. We continue on the main path, the widest, and ignore several other paths. In a short time we arrive at the Ermita of San Miguel (15). We follow the path and in about 10 minutes we return to the surroundings of the monastery (16). We turn right and take the same path as on the way out, down the stairs.
  • We follow this path for about 15 minutes until we reach a fork (7) where we go left, to make a variant to Monistrol via the "Drecera dels 3/4", a trail marked with green-red markings.
  • In about 25 minutes we return to the Cami de Les Aigées (17), where we continue to the left. From here we follow the same path as on the way out back to Monistrol (1).

Route Sant Jeroni

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