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The Curavacas is one of the highest peaks of the Fuentes Carrionas and the Cantabrian Mountains. Thanks to its height and its distinctive silhouette, it dominates the panorama of almost the entire Fuentes Carrionas. Thanks to its prominent location, the view from the top over the Fuentes Carrionas and the nearby Picos de Europa is breathtaking. To get to the peak from Vidrieros we have to bridge almost 1,200 metres of altitude and the last part is quite steep and difficult terrain, but generally the hike is doable for experienced hikers, as long as there is no snow.

  • Walk from where we parked the car (1) back into the village and turn right on the small square, into the Calle Chica (2).
  • This road soon turns into a dirt road that we follow for a while. Once we cross a bridge we turn right onto a trail (3).
  • This trail initially is wide and gives us a comfortable walk. Later we cross several times the stream Arroyo de Cabriles, where we need to go across the water via some stones (4).
  • When we leave the surroundings of the Arroyo Cabriles, we walk a short stretch over a comfortable path, virtually without altitude difference (5).
  • Further on we enter a trail where during a long time we ascend through an incredible amount of stones, which does not make the path really comfortable (6). Further up the mountain this trail ascends more via zig-zag bends.
  • The last part of the climb through the Callejo Grande is quite steep and goes through both loose stones and rocks, making it a difficult climb. During this climb, just under 2,300 metres, we ignore a trail on the right and we keep left (7).
  • This climb ultimately brings us some 50 metres below the top to a passage to the other side of the mountain (8). Here we keep left and climb on the backside of the mountain the last few metres to the Curavacas (9).
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Curavacas

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