Pico del Lobo
Pico del Lobo

With its 2,272 metres the Pico del Lobo is the highest peak of the Sierra de Ayllón and also of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha. The hike to it is a classic ascent of a summit, and both from the top and during the walk to it over the crest, we have a beautiful view.

  • From the Puerto de la Quesera (1) we take the wide trail that we see at our right hand.
  • This wide trail eventually takes a turn to the left (2) after which we can see the trail to the peak of the Pico del Lobo at the right in front of us.
  • We eventually reach a sidetrail to the right (3) to La Pinilla, where we of course follow the signpost straight on to the Pico del Lobo.
  • Finally we arrive at about 2,272 metres at the Pico del Lobo (4).
  • From the summit we return via the same trail and at the sidetrail to the left to la Pinilla (3) we go straight on again.
  • We follow the same trail of the way out during some time until we arrive at about 1,800 metres, just before the trail starts to climb again (5). A few meters to the right we can see a wide trail to which we take a short-cut. This trail a bit further on converts into a comfortable wide path that brings us back to the Puerto de la Quesera (1).

Route Pico del Lobo

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Location of this Hike

Region: Sierra de Ayllón
Near: Riaza
23 °C
10 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 4:30 hrs.
Distance: 15.3 km
Route type: Circular route
Path type: Forest and mountain trails
Marking: None
Total difference in altitude: 788 m.
Highest point: 2,272 m.
Difficulty: Medium (3/14)

Route profile Pico del Lobo
Last update: June 28, 2014

How to get there?

The walk starts from the Puerto de la Quesera , on the border of Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha. Follow from the A-1 exit 103 to Riaza, via the N-110. From Riaza follow the SG-111 in the direction Riofrío de Riaza and then follow the SG-112 towards the reservoir of Riofrío and the Puerto de la Quesera. Park the car in the bend on the pass.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 41 12.950
Longitude: W 3 25.234