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Loma de Peñas Crecientes

This hike around Oteruelo del Valle and Alameda del Valle takes us to the Loma de Peñas Crecientes through some paths which are clearly not in frequent use, which we notice because of the profuse vegetation, which makes the hiking much more difficult. On the way back on the other hand we walk through a wide and very comfortable path. During the first part of the hike during a long time we have a beautiful view on the Peñalara, which is on our left. From the Loma de Peñas Crecientes we have a splendid view on the Sierra Norte de Madrid and the Reservoir of La Pinilla.

  • From the parking (1) we walk back to the M-604, which we cross. We enter the wide path that is perpendicular to the road (2).
  • We first pass a few houses and further on have a row of trees to our left. The path turns into a track and further on splits. We keep left / straight on (3). We now walk parallel to a stone wall and start to ascend slightly.
  • We finally arrive at a wall with a gate through which we can pass. Behind this we arrive at a wider path, where we turn right (4). We continue uphill, initially parallel to the stone wall. On the final stretch the path is somewhat overgrown and we reach another path, where we turn left (5).
  • We ignore a path on the right and further on at a not very clear fork we go left (6). This trail is somewhat overgrown. At one point we see on our right a wall through which we go (7). We now follow a not very clear path northwards up the slope.
  • Further on where the paths seem to split we keep right. This brings us to a wide path (Camino de Segovia) where we turn left, further uphill (8).
  • This path we follow for a while and then enter an open space where we keep right (9), northwards.
  • Further on we reach a fence / wall, where we keep left and walk parallel to the fence to the extent possible. Because of the vegetation it can sometimes be hard to stay parallel to the fence. Especially on the first part the vegetation is abundant and stiff; higher up the mountain the walking goes a little easier.
  • If we follow the fence all the time, we arrive at about 1,750 metres of altitude on a wide path with a passage through the fence. Behind it on the left there is a bunch of boulders (11) on the Loma de Peñas Crecientes from where we have a nice view over the Sierra Norte de Madrid and the Reservoir of La Pinilla.
  • From these rocks, we go back via the broad path, now on the other side of the fence where we immediately descend rapidly. We simply follow the path and twice ignore a side path to the left (12) (13). Then we ignore a path on the right (14). Still a long way further, not far from Alameda, a wide path joins from the left (15), where we just keep straight on.
  • Finally after a total of 5.5 kilometres walking on this path, we reach the asphalt road M-604 (16). We cross it and enter Alameda del Valle. At the second street we go right (17). We walk along a field and at the end of it take the curve to the left (18).
  • Further on we walk past the houses. At the end the road turns to the left (19). Next we turn right in the first street (20). We walk close to the church. The street ends at a stone wall and a path where we turn right (21).
  • We follow this path all the way until the end which brings us to a street where we continue straight on. At the end of this street we go left and then immediately turn right in the next street (22). On this road we reach the building of the Parque Natural de Peñalara (1), where we left the car.

Route Loma de Peñas Crecientes

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