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Peñalara is with 2,428 meters the highest mountain of the province of Madrid and one of the principal peaks of the Sierra de Madrid. On this variant of the ascent we take the shortest route, the RP1, which takes us in relatively short time zigzagging to this spectacular peak. In winter this is a very popular area because of the high chances of snow.

  • From the car park (1) we walk back along the road in the direction of the Puerto de Navacerrada, along the restaurant Venta Marcelino. Past the restaurant we take the wide trail on the right (2), which then bends to the right and runs past the premises of the alpine association.
  • We now walk further over the brick road, which further on turns into a dirt road into the forest. Just past the bend (3) on the right there is a structure (Cobertizo del Depósito) with information of the natural park Peñalara. Here we go straight on, following the RP1, and further on we follow the bend to the right (4).
  • Further on at a Y-junction (5) where straight on a narrow trail branches off, we keep left on the wide trail. Further on at a Y-junction of two wide trails (6) we go straight on/left, still following the RP1.
  • Also further on at a Y-junction (7) we keep left and stay on the wide trail (RP1).
  • There where a bit further on at a junction (8) the trail seems to continue straight on, we keep right. We now have the Peñalara clearly in front of us, thus take it as our orientation.
  • The last stretch to the top is marked with milestones. From the top of the Peñalara (9) we follow back the same route.

Route Peñalara

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