Cabeza Mediana

This is an easy walk that without significant effort takes us to the small peak Cabeza Mediana, at about 1,330 metres. From the top we have a nice view on among others the Maliciosa, Siete Picos and the Sierra de Hoyo.

  • The walk starts at the left side of the road where we parked the car (1) close to some houses. We follow this broad path and at a fork (2) go straight on.
  • A little further on (3) we ignore a side trail on the right. A little further on the bend first turns to the right and then to the left. Here we ignore the path on the right and at the Y -junction (5) we turn right and go up.
  • This path we follow for a long time. We cross a wide path where we go straight on (6). Further on we ignore a path on the left. We walk across an open field where we go straight ahead. Eventually we arrive at a dirt road that with some zigzag bends goes up (7). It is easier, however, to go straight ahead taking a short cut until we reach a bend in the dirt road ( 8 ), where we turn left .
  • We follow this dirt road all the time. Further on we pass a junction with a path down to the left (9), which we ignore . We further follow the dirt road and eventually reach the top of the Cabeza Mediana (10).
  • From Cabeza Mediana we walk back to the previous junction (9), where we turn right to go down. This path we follow down. It takes a left turn and a little further at the Y -junction (11) we keep left .
  • We arrive at a narrow path (12) where we turn left. We cross a firebreak (13 ) where we go straight ahead and we end up on a dirt road (14) where we turn right further down .
  • Further on we reach a T-junction (15) where we turn left . A little further at a Y-junction (16) we keep right and we continue on the dirt road .
  • This way we eventually arrive at the path of the way out (5) where we turn right and walk back to the car (1).

Route Cabeza Mediana