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When you go hiking in the mountains, it is necessary to take a few precautions. It can always happen you get off track - especially when you do not know the region -, that the weather breaks and chances are high you will not encounter a single person. Therefore we recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Preferably go hiking in company. When you do go by yourself, let at least someone know where exactly you are going to.
  • Walk on proper footwear (optionally with spare laces).
  • Bring sufficient clothing. Even in Spain it can be cold and windy in the mountains.
  • Bring rainwear. Even in August you can be overtaken by a hailstorm.
  • Bring sufficient water. Natural sources are scarce and in summer often have gone dry.
  • Bring sufficient food.
  • Take navigation means with you, either a map with compass or a GPS device. offers downloadable route descriptions and for your GPS device, GPX files.
  • Bring sun lotion (and use it). The UV radiation in Spain in the mountains is high, even when the weather feels fresh.
  • Sun glasses are in Spain most of the time first necessity. In late spring and summer a cap or hat gives extra protection.
  • On the more steep hikes, walking sticks are an excellent aid to save energy. On the contrary when the terrain is very rocky, it is better not to use these.

Hiking Boots

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Coriscao is a summit of over 2,235 metres that is located south of the National Park of the Picos de Europa. Because of this very privileged position and its relative prominence, it is one of the best balconies on the Picos de Europa, with a breathtaking panoramic view on this great mountain range. The ascent of almost 1,000 metres goes via a good path with a relatively gradual ascent. The way back, especially the descent along the Arroyo de Puermán, is slightly more difficult because of the lack of a good path.

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Of each route you can download a practical description in PDF.

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