Grouse Mountain
Grouse Mountain

The Grouse Mountain is a mountain located in North Vancouver and is prominently visible from the city. The walk - that leads up more than 800 metres via a steep path with steps to the Grouse Mountain Lodge - is extremely popular among the Vancouverites, as a kind of fitness workout. From the top of Grouse Mountain we have a beautiful view over Vancouver and the surrounding mountains. Because it is not allowed to walk down the Grouse Grind, most people return by cable car. We however, walk back through the much less used BCMC trail.

  • From the car park (1) walk a bit back over the road past the information centre. A little further on you will find at a gate and sign the entrance of the Grouse Grind (2).
  • Follow this Grouse Grind up simply through the many steps until you arrive at about 800 metres higher at the end of the cable car and the Grouse Mountain Lodge (3). Here take the stairs up and then go inside. Next leave at the back. At the back of the lodge there is a path that past various activities - such as the Lumberjack show, the Grizzly Lookout ( 4) and the Birds in Motion show - further leads to the highest point of the Grouse Mountain.
  • Just past the Grizzly Lookout and Birds in Motion show is a wide gravel path (5) which leads us to the highest point of the Grouse Mountain ( 6) and where you have the best views of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains.
  • Follow the same route back to the Grouse Mountain Lodge (3), return inside and at the front go down again with the stairs. Keep left here until you get to the beginning of the BCMC trail (7).
  • At the start of the BCMC trail is a sign which states that hiking on this path is not recommended but it is certainly permitted, well marked and very well doable.
  • Pretty soon we reach a fork (8) where we turn right, following the marking. Now follow the marking continuously: the white and orange triangles with "BCMC".
  • After a long descent we reach the Grouse Grind again (9), which we follow to the end of the path (2) and then back to the car park (1).

Route Grouse Mountain

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Location of this Hike

Region: Vancouver
Near: Vancouver
Parcialmente nuboso
22 °C
8 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 4:00 hrs.
Distance: 11.0 km
Route type: Circular route
Path type: Forest and mountain trails
Marking: Triangles (BCMC trail)
Total difference in altitude: 950 m.
Highest point: 1,222 m.
Difficulty: Medium (4/14)

Route profile Grouse Mountain
Last update: August 17, 2014

How to get there?

From Vancouver Take Highway 1 north. In North Vancouver take exit 14 towards Capilano Suspension Bridge / Grouse Mountain. Continue to follow Capilano Road past the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The Capilano Road continues into the Nancy Greene Way, which ends at the parking lot of the cable car up Grouse Mountain. The Grouse Mountain is also easily accessible by public transport from Vancouver. Take from the Skytrain station Waterfront the Seabus to North Vancouver. From the bus station on the other side of the water goes bus 236, which terminates at the Grouse Mountain cable car.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 49 22.339
Longitude: W 123 5.294