Serranía de Cuenca
River Escabas

Serranía de Cuenca

The Serranía de Cuenca is a mountain landscape that lies in the northeast of the province of Cuenca and the south of the province of Teruel, in the Iberian System. It is not so much an area of high mountains but a chain of spectacular rock formations and reliefs, ravines and river gorges. In the area flow three important rivers: the Cuervo, the Escabas and the Júcar. It is a mountain area rich in woods and, because of the abundance of water, very green. It is an ideal landscape for vultures and raptors, and the woods are the habitat of many deer, wild boars and mouflons.

In the Serranía de Cuenca lies the Ciudad Encantada ("Ghost Town"), a very remarkable collection of limestone formations that have been formed over thousands of years and seem to form a city. Today it is a geological park, which can be visited against payment and lies near to Valdecabras.

On we offer various hikes in the Serranía de Cuenca. One of the hikes runs along the bank of the river Escabas in a nice gorge and after that leads to Fuertescusa. Another hike takes us through the Sierra de las Cuerdas, a mountain range in the far southeast of the Serranía de Cuenca, where we walk to the Pico de la Zorra and where we get past a number of very remarkable sandstone formations.

On the map you can find all the routes that are available in the Serranía de Cuenca on By clicking on the icon of the route, you will go directly to the description.

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Location of this Region

Province: Cuenca
Central Town: Cuenca
Nubes dispersas
30 °C
15 °C

Recommended Hike

River Escabas

The hike takes us for the first part along the banks of the river Escabas, which is situated in a nice gorge, typical for the landscape of the Serranía de Cuenca. On a few places we need to cross the river through fords, which slightly complicates the hike. On the second part of the hike we climb out of the valley of the Escabas towards the charming village of Fuertescusa, from where we walk the last part back to the point of departure through an asphalt road.

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Principal Peaks

  • La Mogorrita (1,864 m)
  • La Cruceta (1,859 m)
  • Collado Bajo (1,839 m)
  • San Felipe (1,838 m)
  • Peña Melquizas (1,836 m)
  • Umbría del Oso (1,827 m)
  • Pico Bandera (1,794 m)
  • Monte Gamelloncillos (1,765 m)
  • Pico de las Nieves (1,732 m)
  • Alto de la Maritosa (1,729 m)
  • Ceja Rasa (1,725 m)
  • Peña del Halcón (1,719 m)
  • Cerro Molatilla (1,704 m)
  • El Morrón (1,701 m)
  • Cumbre Raso (1,694 m)