The Puigmal is with its 2,910 metres the second highest peak of the province of Girona and one of the classics of Catalan alpinism. The hike departs from the very popular recreation area Valley of Núria, which can only be reached by a rack railway. To reach the Puigmal we need to cover almost 1,000 metres of altitude difference through a curious and bare landscape, clearly formed by a glacier. The last stretch to the peak is a steep climb through a completely bare terrain of loose stones.

  • From the station of the rack rail (1) we walk past the central building of the Valley of Núria. There where the wide path turns to the left towards the children´s farm and the lake, we go uphill onto a trail that lies in the bend on the right (2). A bit further on keep to the left (straight on lies a small camping site).
  • After a short climb we reach a junction with a gate (3). Here we turn right. We climb a bit further and reach a Y-junction (4) where we turn left, onto a nice broad trail.
  • This trail is well marked with milestones and brings us at about 2,200 metres to a flat plain (5) where we continue straight on, following the milestones.
  • At a certain moment this trail turns to the left and we now walk on the left of the gorge "Torrent de la Coma de l'Embut". At a certain moment we can observe a trail at the other side of the gorge. We ignore it and just continue straight on and follow the milestones. Further on the trail crosses the gorge (6) and continues on its right side.
  • We follow this trail all the time and at about 2,350 metres cross the brook "Torrent de la Coma de l'Embut" (7).
  • Further on we encounter this brook again. Initially we keep walking on its right side, but a bit further on we do cross it, to the left, uphill onto a steep gravelled path (8).
  • We now just keep the Puigmal as orientation and follow the steep trail via the loose stones, zigzagging to the peak.
  • Eventually at 2.910 metres we reach the Puigmal (9). The way back is via the same route.

Route Puigmal

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Location of this Hike

Region: Pyrenees
Near: Queralbs
Muy nuboso con lluvias
20 °C
8 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 2:30 hrs.
Distance: 9.3 km
Route type: Round trip
Path type: Mountain trail
Marking: Milestones
Total difference in altitude: 958 m.
Highest point: 2,910 m.
Difficulty: Medium (6/14)

Route profile Puigmal
Last update: August 30, 2013

How to get there?

The Valley of Núria can only be reached by a rack railway. The best is to take it from its first station Ribes-Enllaç, which lies directly on the N-260, coming from Ripoll just before you enter the town of Ribes de Freser. Alternatively you can also board at the station Ribes-Vila or in the town of Queralbs. See the website www.valldenuria.cat for more information on this train.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 42 23.860
Longitude: E 2 09.262