Gra de Fajol
Gra de Fajol

The Gra de Fajol is a peak of 2,714 metres that can easily be reached from the ski resort Vallter 2000. The route runs via the refuge of Ulldeter through the valley of the river Ter, where we can enjoy excellent views over this curious and bare landscape of the Ulldeter, clearly formed by a glacier. Through the Coll de la Marrana on the border with France we eventually reach the Gra de Fajol, which closes the glacial landscape and from where we can enjoy very wide panaromas.

  • From the parking lot (1) follow the asphalt road a bit further uphill and in the first hairpin bend (2) on the left side go onto a trail that is marked red-white (GR-11).
  • This trail makes a few short cuts between the hairpin bends until we reach another parking lot (3). Here on the left the trail continues, which is signposted to Ulldeter.
  • This trail takes us to the refuge of Ulldeter (4). Here further follow the marking of the GR-11 until the Coll de la Marrana (5), at about 2,530 metres on the frontier with France.
  • Here we now leave the GR-11 and turn left to the Gra de Fajol, through a trail that is marked with milestones and zigzags over the crest, uphill to the top.
  • Once on the Gra de Fajol (6) we return to Vallter 2000 (1) via the same route.

Route Gra de Fajol

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Video Gra de Fajol

Watch the Video

Video Gra de Fajol

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Did you know?

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Location of this Hike

Region: Pyrenees
Near: Setcases
Nubes dispersas con lluvias
22 °C
9 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 2:30 hrs.
Distance: 8.2 km
Route type: Round trip
Path type: Mountain trail
Marking: White-red, milestones
Total difference in altitude: 700 m.
Highest point: 2,714 m.
Difficulty: Medium (4/14)

Route profile Gra de Fajol
Last update: August 29, 2013

How to get there?

From Ripoll first follow the N-260 and then the C-38 to Camprodón. From Camprodón follow the GIV-5264 to Setcases and from Setcases follow the road to the ski resort Vallter 2000. As soon as you see big parking lots, park the car on the upper parking lot of the two next to a ski lift.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 42 25.328
Longitude: E 2 16.030