Brecha de Aspe
Brecha de Aspe

The hike starts from the ski resort Candanchú on the Spanish-French border and runs - partially through France - through an area of rocky terrain and perennial snow to the Brecha de Aspe, a pass at about 2.400 metres that forms a passage through the high peaks of the Pico Aspe and the Llena de la Garganta. The majority of the hike can be done without any issues, although the orientation can sometimes be diificult, especially when it is misty, as was the case when we walked it. The final climb to the Brecha de Aspe is complicated and not to be recommended for hikers without experience, as it runs via perennial snow and a steep slope with many loose stones. If you still have energy and time you can climb the Pico Aspe from the Brecha de Aspe, which lies about another 250 metres higher.

  • Walk to the end of the parking lot (1) and take the narrow asphalt road that lies at the right of the cafeteria and that quickly turns into a dirt road.
  • Further on we get past a bridge over a Nordic ski run. Behind it at the Y-junction (2) we keep right. We now climb a short stretch, turn to the right following a bend and then turn to the left following the bend. Next at the Y-junction we turn right (3). Now keep straight on here directly and do not go the right here onto the wider, more visible path. The path that we need to take is initially not visible, but further on quickly it becomes visible.
  • This trail is marked with milestones and we follow it quite some time. After a good climb we get under a narrow passage (4) over the highest point. Keep to the left here as much as possible; the trail can easily be missed here.
  • We now climb quite some time through a rocky and stony surface – pretty well marked with milestones – until uphill we reach a meadow (5). Here the marking is as good as absent. Keep left here (to the south). We keep following this direction until we cross a gorge (6). We reach a trail where we turn right (to the west).
  • We now walk quite some time as good as horizontally on a trail marked with milestones. The trail gets past a big plain with perennial snow (7). Here you can either go through the snow or walk past it on the right, with the need to seek the trail a bit. Through this you reach a valley (8) below the Brecha de Aspe.
  • The Brecha de Aspe (9) can best be reached first on the right through a stretch of perennial snow and then on the left via a steep slope with loose stones, the most difficult part of the hike.
  • The way back is via the same route.

Route Brecha de Aspe

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Video Brecha de Aspe

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Location of this Hike

Region: Pyrenees
Near: Candanchú
Parcialmente nuboso
19 °C
6 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 6:00 hrs.
Distance: 14.3 km
Route type: Round trip
Path type: Mountain trails, without trail, perennial snow
Marking: Milestones
Total difference in altitude: 1,150 m.
Highest point: 2,427 m.
Difficulty: Hard (8/14)

Route profile Brecha de Aspe
Last update: August 19, 2013

How to get there?

From Spain (Jaca) follow the N-330 to France. Just before the tunnel to France turn right to Candanchú, onto the N-330a. Still way before the Puerto Somport turn left to Candanchú. Ignore the next junction on the left, drive through the village and in a bend next to the restaurant Somport turn left. Follow this road until the parking lot next to the ski runs, where the hike starts.

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 42 47.278
Longitude: W 0 31.746