La Jarosa

The hike departs from the reservoir of La Jarosa and runs through the pine forest in the neighbourhood of this reservoir. This area close to Guadarrama is a popular recreation area and has many trails that are suitable for both hikers and mountain bikes.

  • From the car park (1) we continue along the barrage until a spot where the road turns to the left with a bend. Here we enter a white-green marked trail that runs straight on (2). Further on we walk past a barrier.
  • After about 15 minutes we reach a crossroads of various trails (3). Here we take the trail most on the left and ignore the white-green marking; this trail has a white-green cross on the tree to indicate that the white-green route does not go this way. We now start to descend to the Arroyo de la Jarosa (4).
  • At the lowest point we cross this stream and then ascend again. Later we descend again and reach a bend where we turn left (5). A bit further on at a picnic area there are some forks (6). Just go straight on here. Next we walk past a barrier where we also go straight on.
  • We now reach a restaurant (7) and walk past it on the right, which brings us to an asphalt road. Further on we walk past a barrier. Directly behind we enter a trail on the right (8). Here again on a tree there is a white-green cross to indicate that the white-green route does not go here.
  • We now climb for quite some time and further on ignore a trail that joins from the left (9). Further on, where we walk over the altitude line, a trail joins from the right (10). We keep left here.
  • Further on we cross a brooklet, ascend a bit further and then reach a crossroads of four trails (11). We turn right, further uphill. We cross the stream again and thus have it at our left hand again.
  • The path ascends steeper now, becomes narrower and eventually ends at a T-junction (12) where we go right and ascend a bit further. We reach another trail (13) and turn left. We quickly reach an asphalt road (14) where we turn left again.
  • We now walk again on the white-green marked route and just follow this paved road the entire time, ignoring various side-trails. This after a long time will bring us back to the restaurant that we passed before (15). We now turn right, still following the white-green marking. This road will take us along the reservoir of La Jarosa back to the car park (1).

Route La Jarosa