Fuentes Carrionas

The province of Palencia is perhaps not known for its mountains, but in the north of the province, bordering to Leon and Cantabria, lies the nature park Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montaña Palentina, a remote and somewhat inaccessible mountain range, with a spectacular high mountain scenery. Here we find an unprecedented relief of summits and ridges of over 2,500 meters, breath-taking cliffs, deep valleys and various reservoirs. The Ice Age has also left its mark with several glacial lakes and cirques.

The mountain range is part of the Cantabrian Mountains and is located about 50 km south of the most spectacular part of this chain, the Picos de Europa. From the peaks of the Fuentes Carrionas we therefore have great views of the Picos.

In this mountain range lie a number of peaks of over 2,500 metres. In Cantabria lies the Peña Prieta (2,539 m.), in Palencia just south of Peña Prieta lies the Pico del Infierno (2,537 m.) and lie the Curavacas (2,524 m.) and the Espiguete (2,451 m.). In León lies the Pico Las Cuartas (2,451 m.) and on the border of León, Palencia and Cantabria lies the Pico Tres Provincias (2,498 m).

The peaks can all be done on a day trip and are generally well accessible for the trained hiker. The ascent of the highest peaks goes through high mountain terrain, which requires the necessary experience and condition and in particular in winter is not without danger.

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