Puerto del Calvario

This hike takes us through a very wide and comfortable trail – from where we have a wide view on the surrounding mountains of the Sierra de Segura – without too much effort to the Puerto del Calvario. This pass itself is not that interesting, but from here we walk within a few minutes to the Calar de la Majada de la Señora, a plain that is filled with an amazing amount of lime stones, providing a fascinating and magical image.

  • We start the hike from the road via which we reached the car park (1), thus from the car park we turn left and further follow this road, which makes us walk on the GR-7. This road further on is blocked by a barrier, which we pass.
  • We ignore a trail on the right (2) and next ignore twice a side-trail on the left (3) (4). Next we go over a little bridge (5) and turn back into the direction we came from and climb a bit further.
  • After some more climbing, by now above 1,300 metres, we go over another bridge (6) and turn back a bit.
  • Via this dirt road we eventually reach the Puerto del Calvario (7), at about 1,445 metres. On the right we see a pile of milestones. Just behind it we turn right uphill. It does not matter where exactly, as in all cases it will bring us to the plain of the Calar de la Majada de la Señora (8).
  • Now we can make a round on this Calar and next we return to the dirt road, via which we walk back to the point of departure of this hike (1).

Route Puerto del Calvario