Pico Sobarcal
Pico Sobarcal

This very varied hike close to the border with Navarre and France takes us to the Pico Sobarcal, a peak from where the views are just unequalled. On the northeast side we see the incredible Anguja Sur de Ansabere, a spectacular rocky peak next to the Petrechema that rises up almost 350 metres. On the background we have a wide view over the French Pyrenees with its many peaks. Standing on this peak we understand more than ever why the Pyrenees are considered the pinnacle of the Spanish mountains. The way back via the Barcal de Linza runs thorugh a very varied landscape with a succession of fantastic views.

  • From the first parking lot (1) walk to the refuge of Linza (2) and take there the trail on the left side, just behind the refuge. This path goes uphill relatively steeply and is sporadically marked white-red (sometimes with milestones).
  • Follow this trail quite some time until at about 1,580 metres we reach an open field (3). Here the trail splits: to the left a trail goes further uphill but we take the trail on the right towards the refuge Cabaña de Linza (4). The trail runs on the right of this refuge.
  • On the pass Puerto de Ansó (5) at about 2,080 metres we can see the Pico Sobarcal, the destination of our hike, at our right hand. The trail to it is clearly visible and marked with milestones. On the last stretch to the Pico Sobarcal (5) we need to use our hands to climb over the rocks.
  • From the Pico Sobarcal we follow the same route back to the Puerto de Ansó (5). On this pass we turn left and next at the Y-junction (7) we turn left again.
  • We follow this trail quite a while and enjoy the very varied surroundings. At about 1,630 metres (8) the trail turns right briefly and goes downhill steeply until at about 1,580 metres (9). Here the trails turns left into a green valley.
  • The character of the trail now changes and further on we enter a broad-leaved forest. Further on the trail turns to the left (10) en and we walk past a stream. Next the trail turns to the right and we ignore the bridge (11) on the right.
  • Further on we ignore the trail on the right (12), marked with milestones. We continue straight on at a trail that now becomes very wide.
  • We ignore various side-trails and walk back to the parking lot (1) via this wide trail.

Route Pico Sobarcal

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Location of this Hike

Region: Pyrenees
Near: Isaba
20 °C
6 °C

Fact Sheet

Duration: 5:30 hrs.
Distance: 15.6 km
Route type: Circular route
Path type: Mountain trails
Marking: White-red, milestones
Total difference in altitude: 970 m.
Highest point: 2,257 m.
Difficulty: Medium (5/14)

Route profile Pico Sobarcal
Last update: August 16, 2013

How to get there?

From Isaba in Navarre continue on the NA-137 towards the French border and take a few kilometres past Isaba the junction on the right to Ansó/Zuriza, via the NA-2000. At the end of this road turn left and drive past the campsite of Zuriza. Now follow this road all the time until it ends at a parking lot near the refuge of Linza, where the hike starts. Alternatively you can also reach Zuriza via the A-176 to Ansó. In Ansó follow the through road that continues to Zuriza (which is also signposted).

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 42 53.764
Longitude: W 0 48.270